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Revenue Escalator ®

Velocity Lab offers this truly unique methodology and related implementation services to help organizations measurably increase their revenue growth rates. As pictured below, Revenue Escalator® employs a form of an iterative or rapid application development ("RAD") methodology originally developed in the IT industry but adapted here to improve sales, marketing and business development effectiveness.

As pictured above, the rapid or "RAD" nature of the methodology produces as a bi-product immediate leads and sales opportunities. Organizations no longer have to wait months or even years studying a problem or developing sales and marketing strategies before they can see results. Rather an organization can now see for themselves what marketing and sale approaches work and what marketing and sales approaches do not work as part of the implementation of new approaches to increase revenues. And they can build on those revenue generation approaches that prove most effective through direct testing with prospective clients and customers.

Revenue Escalator® is not expensive. Rather it leverages an organization's existing CRM and/or other simple commercially available web-based tools in new ways that effect a mind-set change. Ultimately, Revenue Escalator® produces new sales and marketing approaches and processes that over time measurably increase an organization's revenue generation effectiveness.

Components of Revenue Escalator® and related Velocity Lab services include:

  • Scripting lead generation - tailored best practices, customized training and use of specialized on-line tools
  • Selling and closing effectiveness - direct hands-on sales support, collateral development and complex selling training
  • Pipeline Management - tailored processes for managing/ coaching in each life-cycle phase of a deal
  • Measuring and Forecasting - techniques to determine what is real and what is not, and improving forecasting reliability
  • Target Identification - identifying, securing and assembling lists for sales and marketing activities
  • Positioning and messaging - integrating selling and coordination with marketing programs (PR, website, etc.)

By using a rapid or "RAD" methodology, Revenue Escalator® dramatically reduces the go-to-market time required to develop, test and implement new marketing, sales and business development approaches.

Revenue Escalator® also reduces risks by protecting an organization from losing its investments in developing marketing programs and creating sales and marketing contact databases. And Revenue Escalator® creates greater flexibility to more effectively manage sale resources by leveraging broad skill sets and reducing dependencies. Finally, Revenue Escalator® closes the loop between sales and marketing by allowing more consistent messaging and creating mechanisms for tracking how effectively marketing programs generate sales opportunities.

Revenue Escalator® applies to both large and small organizations. The methodology is used to supply valuable and direct assistance to any organization that wishes to improve its revenue growth rate, transform sales and marketing, and realize healthy growth for years to come.


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