Velocity Lab, LLC

Representative Clients

Velocity Lab is unique in working with both very large client organizations and much smaller, typically venture capital (VC) backed firms. A representative mix of both large and small clients includes:

  • IBM Corporation
  • Energy Options, Inc.
  • General Electric*
  • J. Galt Associates**
  • WellPoint
  • MCC
  • Real Estate Consultants**
  • Citigroup
  • Metropolitan Computing Corporation (MCC)
  • SonoSite*
  • University of South Carolina
  • Skolnick Architects & Design
  • FieldView Solutions, Inc.
  • Traffic Safety & Equipment**
  • SAP
  • Latitude CG
  • The Admins
  • Newland Communities*
Our unique ability to work with clients above that are both very large and much smaller product innovators gives us with unique insights into where business opportunities exist to use new or emerging technologies to realize important new competitive advantages.

  * Contracting with IBM
 ** Contracting with Business Advisors International (BAI)
*** subsequently acquired by SAP


480 Hillside Avenue, Suite 2A

Allendale , NJ 07401

Phone (201) 951-9060; Fax (201) 786-9155