Velocity Lab, LLC

Business Consulting

Velocity Lab offers business consulting services leveraging our firm’s broad financial, business and marketing skills and experiences working with software firms, professional services firms and other technologically innovative product firms. Recent representative projects include:

  • Competitor Analyses – research and analysis of major competitor’s product and services using our own unique “reverse knock-out” analysis to better define and tailor the positioning of our client relative to each major competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, and to derive a simple clear competitive positioning that can be applied across multiple disciplines including marketing, sales, R&D product development, and strategy development
  • Business Plans - written business plan developed using Velocity Lab’s substantial experience with P&L management, strategic planning, market positioning, sales, software R&D, IT and human resources combined with development of financial projections and investment/funding requirements to support growth
  • Financial Projections - starting with past financial results, 3- 5 year financial projections are developed using reasonable planning assumptions and alternative projections; an optional financial planning model can also be delivered for on-going use to test various “what-if” planning scenarios going forward
  • Market Plans and Positioning – an initial positioning analysis developed using surveys and other interactions with current and prospective customers either as part of a Revenue Escalator® engagement or working with marketing and sales to determine the best positioning to generate the greatest market awareness and interest in defined target markets
  • ROI and Payback Models – a financial model developed for use to quickly calculate likely financial returns and ROI for a product or service for use by sales professionals, for marketing purposes (accessible on a web site) or directly by prospects exploring a firm’s products and services
  • Feasibility Studies – for any specific opportunity, an analysis of the feasibility of implementation and realizing anticipated benefits from a software product, service or other innovative technological product; includes implementation plans, estimates of measurable benefits, resource estimates, project plans, time, etc.

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