Velocity Lab, LLC


Velocity Lab, LLC (“Velocity Lab”) is an independent management consulting firm that helps clients measurably improve the pace or “velocity” of their business success. The firm consists of a strongly networked group of inexperienced business and IT professionals who work collaboratively with key clients to provide customized strategic business solutions.

The firm is unique as a consulting organization in working with both very large organizations and with much smaller, innovative typically venture capital-backed technology firms. The firm’s contacts and experiences with both large organizations and much smaller technology innovators provides a truly unique vantage point from which to understand where technology is going and how best to practically apply new technological innovations to gain a competitive advantage.  

Towards that end, Velocity Lab offers a series of business “accelerators” applied to develop, iteratively test and implement business solutions across a variety of business disciplines leveraging recent business innovations that have been enabled by new technologies. The firm’s focus is to help clients of all sizes better understand and apply dramatic advances in technology to improve business results, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and better leverage human capital – in short, to create a competitive advantage.


480 Hillside Avenue, Suite 2A

Allendale , NJ 07401

Phone (201) 951-9060; Fax (201) 786-9155